Front Desk

Extension: #1137

Contact for any general questions.

Property Manager

Todd Simpson

Extension: #1135

Contact for any Management/Leasing questions or concerns.

Leasing Agent

Melissa Maier

Extension: #1132

Contact for Leasing questions or concerns.


Denise Massey

Extension: #1134

Contact for any Accounting/Billing questions or concerns

Maintenance Coordinator

Sheila Williams

Extension: #1131

Contact for maintenance concerns and general questions.

Maintenance Coordinator

Raquel Mollenkamp

Extension: #1133

Contact for maintenance concerns/questions/move out information.

PLEASE only call this number if the office is not open and you need to report a maintenance EMERGENCY (examples of an emergency would be: flooding, a leak that will cause damage if not stopped, no heat in the winter, no cooling in the summer, etc.). If your emergency is life threatening- call 911! If it is something that can wait until business hours, leave a message on our voicemail or send a request via e-mail to: and we will respond to you when we are back in the office. In the even that you cannot reach anyone through the number listed above you may call 970-260-3063

Property Services


  • 8:30 - 4:30