PLEASE only call this number if the office is not open and you need to report a maintenance EMERGENCY (examples of an emergency would be: flooding, a leak that will cause damage if not stopped, no heat in the winter, no cooling in the summer, etc.). If your emergency is life threatening- call 911! If it is something that can wait until business hours, leave a message on our voicemail or send a request via e-mail to: bestrentals@gjrentals.com and we will respond to you when we are back in the office. In the even that you cannot reach anyone through the number listed above you may call 970-260-3063

Renter Application

The application is available to download below. Please complete the form and return in person or via mail to:

Click here to download the application

There is a $30.00 per adult non-refundable application fee (cash is accepted).  This must accompany the completed application along with the Security Deposit (Make payable in form of Cashier’s Check or Money Order).  NOTE:  If not approved, the Security Deposit is refundable. 


Other Document Downloads (PDF)